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Briefly, our Constitution states our purpose, in that we are to provide educational services through all forms of media to all persons regarding the inherent absolute value of all human life. CHN's purpose is to teach that all persons are made in the image of God and that we are thereby morally prohibited from terminating the life of another person or asking another person to terminate our life for us; however, death is a part of life and therefore death is accepted when it occurs naturally. We oppose all efforts made in support of euthanasia and assisted suicide and promote palliative care as an active alternative thereto. We oppose all programs, policies and perspectives which may threaten or weaken the physical existence of any person who is sick, disabled, infirm, dying or otherwise medically at risk. CHN, therefore, is a Christian society, and all of us hold to the Trinitarian belief and that Jesus Christ is God.





Unfortunately, due to financial constraints, CHN is no longer able to provide printed material to professionals, students, Churches, the government, lay organizations, and individuals, as it had in the past.







Surrey, BC
Canada V3V 2V4
TEL.: (604) 582 3844


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