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The Polls & What People "Really" Think

By Carrie K. Hutchens

Maybe there was a time that polls were actually representative of what the people were thinking. Maybe. Who knows. But if there was such a time -- it has long gone by the wayside. Today, we have self-serving polls that are designed to bring about the results wished by the creator. Just ask the question correctly and one shall have the viewpoint sought to supposedly prove his/her point of view. Use created results to gain support and it is proven once again -- the world has fallen into a state of madness.


Let's talk about a poll question that asks if a wife should be able to end life support for her husband. Should it be her decision or that of his children from a previous marriage?


Sure enough, people will jump right in there and take a position though they have no true clue as to what is actually transpiring or what is being termed as "life support". They answer based upon "assumptions", rather than the facts of the case. Answer, rather than ask the important questions that need to be answered before making such a serious decision of perspective that might actually affect a "real life case".


In reality, we all live on life support and "life support" represents so very many things and situations. Are all considered when these polls are so readily taken?


Someone with asthma and using an inhaler is on "life support".


Someone with migraines and taking meds to tolerate them is on "life support".


Someone with high blood pressure and taking meds for that -- is on "life support".


Someone dealing with anxiety and doing Yoga to release the stress -- is on "life support".


And so on and so on and so on...


Heavens... food, water, air basics -- are life support. Without -- we do not live.


So, when we check that box to say the wife has the "right" to remove "life support" -- just exactly what are we supporting? What will it be said we are supporting? What will our "non-informed" opinions actually result in happening (to someone)? Maybe supported death to one who does not want or deserve such a death?


Are we saying that children have no right to speak up when it appears something is not right? Wife has all decision rights and to heck with the true facts of the situation/case?


This is not to suggest that there aren't hard decisions to be made and sometimes someone has to make those decisions contrary to the rest of the world and family. It does, however, suggest these questions aren't to be taken lightly and that the answers should only -- if ever -- be made with true and informed knowledge of the case involved.


This is April, 2006 and I am still finding people that have been under the belief that Terri Schiavo was on life support equipment such as a ventilator. Point is -- she wasn't. Didn't matter that she wasn't. The question was asked in such a fashion as to give such an impression. And once that poll was to suggest it was all right and good to disconnect her from that "machine" -- the machine that her parents supposedly so wrongly fought to keep her connected to -- people wouldn't listen to the truth.


It's one thing to make a decision based upon the "true" facts of the situation. It's quite another to make assumptions based upon a poll that doesn't even afford all that is and doesn't truly reflect what people actually "think" is right. But then... who is responsible for not asking the questions? Who is responsible for not researching, rather than assuming?


The polls and what people really think? Well, that is a matter of opinion that I guess we ought to do a poll on.

Carrie Hutchens is a former law enforcement officer and a freelance writer who is active in fighting against the death culture movement and the injustices within the judicial and law enforcement systems.


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