The following photos are of the birth of our new ponds.  Bryan has been lovingly laboring at this.  He hasn't put anything down on paper, everything he is doing is completely out of his head.  I love to see him create like that, as I am always surprised at what he sees in his mind.  What a talent he has.  Enjoy! (Double click to enlarge each thumb print - and click again for even larger view)



Front of home, before installing ponds

Another view, looking out to street

Digging hole for the largest pond

Flexing those muscles, pweet pweeeeh!

Taking a break with a visit from son, Kelly.

A heavy rain on a Saturday didn't stop him from working on the ponds

What a happy guy!

I stained the bridge red, Bryan had to build new posts to raise the handles on the bridge.

Bryan bought that gorgeous stone planter. We planted a Bamboo tree in it. See the difference when the beds have great dirt!

Ah, breathtakingly beautiful, 3 tiered waterfall

I love these night photos ... what a difference with all the new plants. I love and appreciate Bryan so much, he built this from scratch.

View from the road

This is the view from our bedroom window

From every angle, it's gorgeous - my Bryan amazes me how he can see things like this in his head, no sketches.

He just ploughs through and the results - no matter what he puts his hand to, is just fabulous!

The first pair I painted

I love the torch Bryan bought, nice touch. He also surprised me with a fire place that he put in front of the bench, but didn't get a pic yet of that

Look carefully under the bridge, Bryan built screens to cover the pond so that the Raccoons and other animals couldn't get our fish. But tragically (well for us it was) something got our largest Koi during the day. A month later and we're still missing our beauties who were getting tame enough to eat out of my hand. Loads of tears! ... over fish!~!!

My new hobby, painting rocks. I gave this pair to my neighbor

cute ....

What you see when you do turn it over

I saw a bunny in this rock, and painted it. Then I glued it to the ceramic stone alone with a few veggies I painted ... what fun!

I enjoyed painted the squirrel on the rock

My feeble attempt to paint a spider (and I'm terrified of them)

When I saw this slab of stone, I saw fun! So I painted our address and I knew exactly where I was going to put it ... see next photo

That's Bryan filling a bird feeder, can you see Doc in the tree above his head? Me by the wheelbarrow, surrounded by flowers, birds, squirrel on #3 bunny on #5. I sprayed it to make it water proof.

My neighbor threw out her rusted wheelbarrow, we filled it with dirt and planted violas, etc.. Bryan cemented the slab to a board.

He was afraid it would break. Now isn't he thoughtful :-)

As seen from the road

This Woodpecker is not the least bit shy around us, we can walk right up to it. I make homemade suet, and he is crazy about it.

This taken from our bedroom window, Woody and Bryan playing peek-a-boo

The last photos we have of the two largest, Koi... they were taken during the day, maybe a Heron? We have Eagles & Hawks around here too

This is one of the most unwelcomed preditor - RATS!!!!! Course they come at night to the bird feeder. Have large live traps, we'll get 'im.

Sept 30. 07 at the Keg, celebrating our 18th year together.



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