In Memory of a dear friend - KARL GUNNING MD.,

March 15, 1926 - June 29, 2007


C H N     Dr Karl Gunning, Cheryl Eckstein, Bryan Eckstein, & Boss the cat October, 1994 at their home in Surrey, British Columbia. .Dr Gunning is the president of the World Federation of Doctors Who Respect Human Life (WFDWRHL) It was a perfectly wonderful fall day to sit out in the sun while going over the briefs we were presenting before the Senate of Canada.  Dr Gunning and his lovely wife Betty spent 5 days with us, staying in our humble home.  We were able to take our friends from the Netherlands to Vancouver Island, and visit the gorgeous city of Victoria.  Our good friends Grace and Benny Steunenberg, also of Dutch descent,  rented a large van so that the Gunnings, the Von Rijns, (Von Rijn is vice president of WFDWRHL) Hilda Krieg, President of the Prolife Society of BC and Bryan and Cheryl Eckstein could spend the day together touring.  We enjoyed having our guests immensely.  We grew to feel like family.  Karl and Betty were extraordinary guests, so easy to please.  We also managed to take them on smaller tours around Vancouver.  Karl graciously accept to speak at our home church, where he was warmly received.  Around the time of the Senate hearings, The Compassionate Healthcare Network, CHN held a press conference where Dr Gunning and Cheryl Eckstein warned Canadians about the dangers of changing legislation to allow doctors to kill their patients.  Dr. Gunning impressed the media with examples of how the Dutch have failed to adequately treat patient's pain due to the fact the Dutch physicians had no training in palliative care.  In one case, Dr Gunning related the story of how one patient was quickly euthanaized because the doctor needed a bed.  In another case, a son was going on holidays and did not want his vacation interrupted by having to come back early for his father's funeral, so he asked the doctor to euthanize his father.  The doctor agreed.  However when the doctor returned the next morning, his patient was  sitting up happily in bed, relatively pain free.  Dr Gunning remarked that this shows you how far doctors will go.  It also proved the Dutch needed to train doctors for desperately needed palliative care and proper pain management.  High doses of opioids, properly monitored, should never be used to hasten death, but bring much needed relief from excruciating pain.  CHN has provided a number of articles on the subject of pain management, go to PAIN for information.

Top photo, Dr Karl Gunning going over the Remmelink Report with Cheryl Eckstein, founder of CHN

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