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Cheryl Eckstein is the founder and president of the Compassionate Healthcare Network (CHN), an international non profit anti-euthanasia organization. She is the web designer & editor of CHN.  Cheryl is also research consultant for the Euthanasia Prevention Coalition British Colombia (EPCBC) of which she is a founding member.

CHN's work includes providing educational material on euthanasia, assisted suicide, suicide and palliative care to members of parliament, senators, students of all ages, physicians, nurses, disability rights advocates, lawyers, teachers, healthcare providers, and the public at large, on an international basis. Mrs. Eckstein also lectures and does workshops across Canada and internationally.

Before becoming an anti-euthanasia activist in 1991, Cheryl was a classical piano teacher and performer.

Cheryl is married to Bryan Eckstein.  Together they have 7 grown children, and 13 grandchildren: Danny, Jessica, Brittanie, Olivia, Shawn, James, Joey, David, Kelly Jr., Kade, Chase, Miah~Jean and Jacob.

Update June 2001

 Until 1998, Cheryl was actively involved with CHN traveling across Canada and USA on speaking engagements. 

Unfortunately, due to becoming disabled with FIBROMYALGIA (FM) and Chronic Fatigue Immune Deficiency Syndrome, (CFIDS) Cheryl has had to limited her anti-euthanasia activities to research and writing; radio and media interviews.  Cheryl loves animals and birds.  She and her husband keep about 14 outdoor feeders for the wild birds.  Bryan loves to keep the birds happy, and loves gardening.


We live in Surrey BC Canada, with three cats - the oldest is "Little Puss"  she is the Matriarch - I adopted her as a kitten 28 years ago; Mook adopted us about 8 years ago, she is about 12; and Doc, we adopted him, his age is about 8; and finally one Peach face love bird we call Teacher.  Teacher is afraid of heights ... yes she really is a bird and we do not clip her wings.

UPDATE: FEB. 2007.  My precious Little Puss died Dec. 12, 2006 due to Squamous cell carcinoma. I was able to give her palliative care from Oct - Dec of '06; spoon feeding her just the same as one would feed a baby (in fact, I used the exact baby spoon I fed my three babies with); gave her daily subcue IV to help with her renal problems and hydration along with various medications, including Shark Cartilage, which is know to help some cancer patients.  She was 30 years old and I miss her desperately.  On Jan.22, 2007, we adopted a little orange and white 13 week old male kitten, who within 2 days charmed Doc & Mook into accepting him.  I named him Takoda, which in Native Souix means "friend to everyone."  So appropriate for this little character.

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