Cheryl  M. Eckstein

Anti-euthanasia activist


Founder and President Of



Cheryl M. Eckstein was born and raised in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada.  She resides outside of Vancouver, B.C., Canada with her husband Bryan. 


Outraged to discover that Canada's law that helps protect the vulnerable in our society was being threatened, she left her full time career as a classical piano teacher in 1990 to become an anti-euthanasia activist.

University of Calgary, (AB, Canada )Trinity Western University (B.C. Canada)

Cheryl M. Eckstein is the founder of COMPASSIONATE HEALTHCARE NETWORK (CHN 1991)

President, web designer and research consultant for CHN; and the Euthanasia Prevention Coalition British Columbian (EPCBE). 

Research and networking is demanding work. CHN'S work includes providing educational material on euthanasia, assisted suicide, suicide, palliative care; to members of Parliament, Senators, students, of all ages, physicians, nurses, disability rights advocates, lawyers, teachers, healthcare providers, and public at large, on an international basis. The responsibility of this work is shouldered by Mrs. Eckstein.  Mrs. Eckstein also lectures and does workshops across Canada and Internationally.






She has presented several Parliamentary Briefs, including Brief to Senate of Canada titled: "Physician Assisted Suicide - Is It Right For Canada?". Submitted extensive brief to the Canadian Medical Association


CTV NATIONAL;   UTV;  CBC TV;  BCTV; CHECK 6;  CBC Newsworld;  CBC OTTAWA; Frequently heard on FAMILY NEWS IN FOCUS (FOCUS ON THE FAMILY);  Dave Abbott Show,  Vancouver;  Guest on a series of 7 radio programs "Celebrate Life" with host, Pat Hansard,  KARI Radio, Blaine, Washington;  Kacey Wilson "The Water Cooler" CJOB 68 Winnipeg
CKWW Detroit Michigan ; and various other U.S.A. stations.

Appeared as special guest on Vancouver area television shows re: "Euthanasia", and "Her Own Testimony". CTV National News, CBC National News; CBC-TV Vancouver,  Lethbridge Ch. 7, Ottawa TV.

 Has appeared twice as a guest on "100 HUNTLEY STREET (CROSSROADS MINISTRY)  and various others across Canada. .


March 6th, 2003  The Miracle Channel:  "INSIGHT" with host Paul Arthur, live one hour interview with Cheryl Eckstein.  In 2005, MSNBC, American Television news; BCTV

 MACLEANS Magazine; REPORT Magazine, Globe & Mail; Vancouver Sun, Vancouver Province, Toronto Star, Detroit Ottawa Citizen, Ottawa Sun; Focus on The Family's Citizen Magazine,  Nederlands Dagblad; Victoria Times Colonist, Monday Magazine,  ALBERTA REPORT; TIMES Reporter; Pro Life News Canada Magazine, Interim (Toronto), The Monday Paper; BC CATHOLIC, Chilliwack Progress Weekender; Lethbridge Herald; Abbotsford Mission News; Surrey North Delta Leader;  Christian Courier; The Catholic Register; Christian Info; Christian Heritage Party;  Kwantlen Chronicle;  Ken Lancastle, Journalist Carleton Un.,; Windmill Herald;  Campaign Life Coalition; Celebrate Life Magazine; American Life League; various North American and European news papers.


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Was invited to appear as witness opposing The Right To Die Society Of Canada in Ottawa at the SUB COMMITTEE OF THE RE-CODIFICATION OF THE CRIMINAL LAW, November 24, 1992, presenting a video and extensive brief.


Asked to re-appear in Ottawa February 09, 1993 as witness due to threats from Ms. Kelly Crighton, Executive Producer of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) 5th Estate, who threaten to sue Mrs. Eckstein for showing a video, originally produced by CBC 5th Estate.

 Ms. Crighton stood in contempt of Parliament for threatening a witness. Mrs. Eckstein was vindicated, and CBC 5th Estate received a "slap on the wrist" for threatening a Parliamentary Witness.  It was discovered in that hearing, that the pressure to threaten Mrs. Eckstein with lawsuit, came from John Hofsess, of the Right to Die Society of Canada.








Classical Pianist/Performer/Teacher

-  Twelve, one hour lectures on Cults, Occult, and New Age

-  "Visiting the Pastoral Community"

- Abortion, Assisted Suicide and Euthanasia - A Christian's Response

- Personal Testimony

- Suicide Prevention


CURRENT ~ 2003


Volunteer: Present and past

CEO of the Compassionate Healthcare Network

~ Mrs. Eckstein has served as a Hospice volunteer at Surrey Memorial Hospital

~ Focus on the Family

From its genesis, Cheryl Eckstein has, and remains to be a non paid volunteer in full time capacity for the Compassionate Healthcare Network.   It is understood that not all organizations can afford to pay their guest speakers, therefore the fee is negotiable. However, the organization who invites Mrs. Eckstein to lecture must cover all out of town hotel/motel & travel expenses.

For photo view of Mrs. Eckstein visit CHERYL ECKSTEIN, FOUNDER AND PRESIDENT OF CHN

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