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I don't pretend to be a great photographer - I wish! But posting them this way is one way to share with family & friends across the miles, without having to e-mail. The first row is of photos I took off our deck of the fireworks on the May long weekend.  I had hopes of capturing some great shots, as I had the camera set to "fireworks" - but alas, once again I didn't follow my new rule to use a tripod and no doubt the shaking caused these results. Some look like they belong in outer space!  Still, I'm fascinated by the distortion and the results of especially the first one. Also fascinated by the long lines of light falling. The last slide was the end of their show.  I think it's time for me to take a summer course in use of digital cameras, if I am going to continue trying to get good shots. My goal is to get at least one clear close up of the Pileated Woodpeckers and all the other species of birds this year.  We'll see!  Be sure to scroll all the way to the end of this page to see some remarkable photos of Hummingbirds - sorry, I can't take credit for taking those, and don't miss "Jacob"!


Fireworks May 2007, this is what happens when you don't know what you're doing!!

Steven Spielberg eat your heart out! :-)

Like something from outer space

Falling fire - when you double click this one, at the end of the long strings of fire looks like little "Q's" are attached.

Musical tune space ship?

Firey slinky?

circle of musical notes

more falling fire, spirals of light

End of show, couldn't even get one true shot,


Jacob, age 20 months. When he wants juice and milk he doesn't have to choose!

June, 2007

Jacob with Mommy Mandy, Daddy Ernie, soooooo cute.

Pileated Woodpecker, is 18" tall, and the largest of all Woodpeckers.

A pair of Pileated Woodpeckers frequent our feeder - they are very shy, making it difficult to take pictures when I am within a couple of feet of them. They can see me inside the kitchen where I take most of these type photos.

Same Pileated, little glare from glass window

Small Downy Woodpecker, 6" outside bedroom window

The Downy, 6" and the Hairy 9" Woodpeckers are not at all shy. I've seen them wait on a branch while I add a new suet block to the feeder and then go to it the minute I leave.

9" Hairy Woodpecker. I was told if I put covers above the suet feeders the Starlings wouldn't come and dine. Not true, it didn't bother them

after watching the Woodpeckers, the Starlings saw there was no threat from the overhead plates.

STARLINGS: This mom brought her brood to our bath. I am sorry to say, but I really hate Starlings. They are bullies, and rob nests.

Starlings gobble up my homemade suet, they can go through a block in one day. Solution - next slide!

Solution: Sitting on this new feeder is a handsome 13" Northern Flicker. He can easily get food from this brand new suet feeder but Starlings can't!

The tongues of Woodpeckers are very long and sticky, so if their beak can't quit reach the suet, their tonque can. It is a blast to watch all the extremely frustrated Starlings trying to get a bite, but the food is out of reach for them. Horray!!!!!!

Crow, who I called Sorrow. I used to give him special treats. He often takes the food to our bird bath to dip in the water. That stopped when ...

one day when I went to fill the bird bath I saw pieces of Goldfinch wings and feathers. I don't know if Sorrow killed one, but I am suspicious, so I've stopped encouraging him to hang around. Too bad, he was losing fear of me, and not flying off when I came out.

Last fall Bryan set up a greenhouse for me. I live for spring. All my gardening is in container pots or hanging baskets. It's a lot of work -

but great therapy for me. He built an area around the greenhouse, where I planted a few corn, leaks, pumpkin, squash, and some flowers ... don't know if the corn will grow though!

Bryan set up a long potting bench for me - to do my potting...this is the mess left over after most of the bedding plants were done.

Takoda watching my favorite bird, Redwinged Blackbird - they only come to our feeders in April to mid May and then again later in summer.

Why? Perhaps they need the extra food for babies?

Juneberry tree in full bloom, later small berrys will form and a huge number of species of birds will come and enjoy the berrys.

We also have several blueberry bushes, which the birds will rob us of the delicious fruit - unless we get to them soon enough to fill at least one bowl!

Bryan convinced me to add these two figures which I made out of coloured phillo clay just for fun - I baked them and then mounted them on a plate.

I carved each piece seperately, head, fingers, boots, etc..They are cartoon characters, that reminded me of my old days in Calgary - at the famous Calgary Stampede. Bryan wanted them, so he has hung them in his bathroom.

Cowgirl with big ...

I would love to try making more figures, but it's so hard to work with the clay my hands got sore & tired quickly. If anyone knows of a substance or product that is easier to work with, please e-mail me!

My friend Melissa took this, with similar camera to mine... just she knows how to take great pics!! sigh.....

This is my Beta, I call Fancy Pants

Baby Hairy Woodpecker, small enough to walk into this great suet feeder

Brown brat ... squirrel, fearless, knows where the kitchen is!

Wishful thinking ... Takoda watching squirrel I chased from the tree in the front - smarty pants immediately went to feeder we have in the driveway

Black headed Gross beak - we have 2 pairs that frequent these feeders, haven't seen any babies .... yet

I watched this little Goldfinch sit for over an hour - he didn't look well. A bit later he went to the next feeder and sat and sat

and sat, and sat. Bryan just picked him up and brought him in. We put him in our canary cage he bought to nurse injured birds we sometimes find

Poor little guy died within 3 hours. He had no puncture wounds. His little wing was sprained. I HATE when this happens. But more often than not, we are able to save injured birds.

Early morning happier picture. Two Flickers having a quiet breakfast. The male is on top, note the orange slash under his chin

Red Shafted Northern Flickers

The look out. Note this is the female, no orange slash

Photos Cheryl Eckstein.

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The following photographs are not mine, but sent to me from my friend Rob.  I don't know if there is a copyright on these, as we don't know who the source of these remarkable photos are. About 5 years ago, I heard a tss tss tss sound outside our bedroom window.  It sounded like Hummingbirds, so I went out to check.  I was shocked to see our trees loaded with tiny Hummingbirds - we estimated anywhere from 75-100 who were probably migrating south, as many do leave the Vancouver area in August.  It was so amazing.  They stayed about 5 minutes - course, no camera handy, sigh. This lady was ready. This was part of the e-mail message: "I have never seen this, or ever even heard of it. This lady lives in a  Hummingbird fly zone in New Mexico. As they migrated, about 20 of them were in her yard. Just for a lark, she took the little red dish and filled it with sugar  water  and this is the result. What patience this would take and what a thrill."  Double click to enlarge each photo.




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