MEXICO and the push for euthanasia

C H N Comment: Regarding the article "METRO MEXICO"  Euthanasia has apparently gained another definition, they are defining it as a  "nice death"  - They will be selling death nicely.  Starving and dehydrating to death nicely....  what worries me, is that so many Mexicans are suffering in deplorable conditions, needing housing, food, clean water - and they are going to push this on the most vulnerable, without having the guts to tell the truth and define precisely what this means.  However, in the culture of death era, death salesmen couldn't sell their product unless it had an appealing cover.  In this case, the cloak of death is covertly packaged as a nice death.   Consider the "Ethical Issues in Mexico" below, taken from The International Observatory on End of Life Care  (Mexico Homepage) ) (IOELC)  IOELC provides an excellent overview of Mexico's palliative care; medical ethics and more, not posted on this page.  CHN highly recommends visiting their main Home -  index page link is International Observatory on End of Life Care for articles on palliative care, euthanasia, and end of life.

 Cheryl Eckstein, CHN.

Ethical Issues in Mexico

The following ethical concerns in palliative care in Mexico have been mentioned in interviews:



After the bill for gay couples was approved as well as the legalization of abortion in Mexico City, the Federal District"     s Legislative Assembly introduced a new proposal seeking for the legalization of euthanasia.
The difference now is that the conservative party PAN "      the same who was opposed to the last two proposals "      is the one introducing the reform. The "Anticipated Will" Law will allow patients suffering from a terminal disease, to receive a passive euthanasia through a legal document.
The new law is seeking to allow the residents of Mexico City to have a "nice death." The person requesting euthanasia will have to establish legally the motive to stop the treatment necessary to keep the patient alive.



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