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David Jayne has ALS.  (See his story davidjayne.htm)  He recently wrote CHN saying in part: 

I have recently become involved with a defense company called Nova-sol. They are developing very exciting noninvasive brain computer interface technology. I had the opportunity to try the technology recently and I was very successful. The technology is at least a year away from market. They need individuals for development. Locked in or nearly locked in individuals are needed. If you know anyone meeting this criteria in Hawaii, California, Virginia or the Atlanta area please email me at mailto:davidjayne@bellsouth.net

Thanks again and best regards,

David Jayne CEO


Homebound Solutions LLC

115 Hayes Circle

Rex, Georgia 30273


Jayne is also working on a new web site

 RespiteMatch.com was born from the need to find a comprehensive source on the Internet for caregivers, nurses, LPN’s, CNA’s, mid-wives, physical therapist, occupational therapist,  elder care, etc. to work in the home setting. I am a 17 year survivor of ALS, Lou Gehrig’s disease. I have endured many home healthcare nightmares and unproductive caregiver searches. RespiteMatch.com has powerful search capabilities that enables the user to find specific health skills or needs. Please check back soon.  http://www.respitematch.com/


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