bulletOp Ed letter to Editor of Vernon Star News:
bullet Ribbon Campaign for Robert Latimer makes a mockery of the tragic death of Tracy Latimer

February 18, 2001

To The Editor,

It was encouraging to read the upbeat story of a young boy David Molnar, born with Down Syndrome, who has survived major heart surgery and has become this year's heart child. With the love of his parents and siblings, he has also overcome leukaemia.

But how discouraging to read in the same headlines the story of a woman who is trying to help get a father who murdered his 12 year old daughter, disabled with Cerebral Palsy, out of prison early.

I can almost guarantee that Alixe Miller, would not be part of the ribbon campaign, if the child Latimer killed was not disabled. When Susan Smith, drowned her two sons the public was so outraged, that they were hoping Susan would get the death penalty.

As an advocate for the disabled, I am concerned that the myth that Tracy Latimer's pain could not be managed, still exists. The court transcripts revealed that Robert Latimer denied Tracy her need to receive proper pain management, surgery to correct a painful condition, and her right to live. If ever there was a story of trust betrayed, it certainly is the Tracy Latimer story.

If any campaign should exist, it should be one to honour the memory of Tracy.

The court transcripts revealed also, that she loved her siblings, and they loved her. She loved going out on camping trips, to watch the fire dance in the air. Perhaps, when Robert took her from her warm bed, to his truck, she may have thought her father was going to take her with to catch up with the family who had just left for church. Perhaps while he propped up her body with filty rags from his storage shed, she thought, her daddy was going to just let her watch the windshield wipers go back and forth. She had no voice to cry out and beg for her life. He sat on the back wheel of his truck bed for a half hour, watching Tracy die.

If anything, he put her out of his misery.

For this, some in society want him to receive a lighter sentence. Our goal in society is to ensure we kill the pain, not the patient. For those not yet born with Cerebral Palsy, and those who already have the malady, we in society must ensure that all their needs are met. Not with pseudo compassion that Robert Latimer executed, but with true compassion and loving care. Pain, is no reason to kill.


Cheryl Eckstein

Founder and President

Compassionate Healthcare Network (CHN)

Printed in Vernon Morning Star, Opinion, March 18, 2001 Source:http://www.vernonmorningstar.com/portals/frameset2.html?Paper=Vernon%20Morning%20Star&Scheme=sunset&Folder=vernon&SpinSpot=CS-Vernon

Note:  David Molnar, is also the grandson of Cheryl and Bryan Eckstein.


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