New Website to Educate About Brain-Injured Scott Thomas' Fight for Life

CHN wishes to alert visitors to Scott Thomas' new web site.  On this page is the press release regarding Scott.  Please do not think that everyone who is disabled in the great United States of America and needs a wheelchair will get one.  Scott's family need help, the following is a quote from his web site.

 "Scott's insurance has declined to pay for a special wheelchair, although it is medically necessary.  His current wheelchair is too small and he is having a problem with slipping out of it because he is so tall.   It is temporarily rigged with PVC piping for his head.  It is also very firm and causes sores if Scott is in it too long.  The chair is unwieldy to use, which makes it a challenge for traveling and for taking Scott outside for walks, etc.  The new wheelchair is designed to meet Scott's needs.  This new wheelchair will cost $8,000."

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Contact: Vickie Nee, Photos for Him, 802-376-6725

JACKSONVILLE, Fl, Sept. 8 /Christian Wire Service/ -- On the one year anniversary of the accident that left Jacksonville's Scott Thomas seriously brain-injured, a new website was announced for the purpose of educating interested people about Scott's situation and assisting in raising funds in his defense. The website can be found at 

Scott was mysteriously injured a year ago while home alone with his wife, Eliza, and their baby son. Within one month of the injury, hospital officials warned Scott's mom, Pamela Patton, that Eliza had contacted Community Hospice of Northeast Florida Inc. The hospice reportedly agreed to accept him and was preparing a bed for him. Echoing the Terri Schindler Schiavo case, Eliza's spoken intent at that time was to remove his feeding tube. Pamela was able to obtain emergency guardianship for Scott, and soon brought him home. She has continued to care for him around the clock, and to ensure that he has the best in rehabilitation therapy.

There is currently an investigation into the injury, as Scott has indicated to his mother that Eliza caused the injury. Because Scott has been labeled incapacitated, Judge Wilkes will not listen to his witness and therefore has not yet agreed to give Pamela permanent custody. On July 18th, he instead only renewed the temporary guardianship order. The next hearing is scheduled for January, when the judge will again consider whether to give guardianship back to the wife, as a spouse has preeminence in guardianship cases.

In the meantime, Pamela is working tirelessly not only to care for Scott, but to save him from the same fate as Terri. In May, Terri's father, Bob Schindler, released the following statement directed to Scott's wife. "The suffering our daughter endured and her death over the course of nearly two weeks was horrific. I am pleading with Mrs. Thomas to please reconsider her decision to seek the removal of Scott's feeding tube and to allow him to receive the therapy and rehabilitation he needs to improve. I beg Mrs. Thomas to give her husband a chance."

Scott's new website will be kept up to date with information about the legal battle and his progress as he struggles to recover from this devastating injury.


Visit  for updates on Scott.  If you can help this family or want to send an encouraging note, please contact the family at the address and numbers given on Scott's web page.  Thank you , CHN



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