The Compassionate Healthcare Network (CHN)  received a letter from a woman desperate to help Terri Schiavo.  She believes her future step son can be Terri's knight in shining amor because he, like Terri had a death sentence hanging over his head.    Doctors tried to convince the Ulmer's to give up and let go of the once vibrant young man, declaring him to be in a Persistent Vegetative State (PVS) with no hope of recovery.  Sound familiar? However as you will read, Brandon's family removed Brandon from a nursing home where he was wasting away and brought him home. 

The following is a heart wrenching letter to Governor Bush with hopes to save Terri.   Read more about Brandon and see his photograph at brandon's smile

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Cheryl Eckstein

Founder, President CHN

As a postscript, the world knows Terri Marie Schiavo was euthanaized.  She died a slow death of dehydration and starvation Friday March 31, 2005.  Please continue to remember the Schindlers in your prayers.


Good Afternoon Mr. Bush

I know you have been bombarded with requests begging for intervention with the Terri Schiavo case, but please read my story.  

My fiancť (Tad Ulmer) has a son-Brandon Ulmer-who was involved in a horrific accident 9 Ĺ years ago at the age of 15 Ĺ, which has left him disabled. Due to a lack of oxygen, the area in Brandonís brain which controls his motor skills suffered extensive damage therefore leaving him paraplegic.  Such is the case with Terri.

Once released from the hospital, Brandon was transferred to a nursing home. While in the nursing home-there was little improvement, which it is no wonder with the atmosphere Brandon lived in.

When a young adult is put into a nursing home where the only friends and companions are caregiverís and elderly, ambition slowly deteriorates. 

After 5 years in a nursing home, Tad renovated his home and brought Brandon back where he belongs - at home with the people who love him more than life itself. Once this happened, look out.  He has made incredible improvements since that January day in 2001 when he left the nursing home then wheeled himself through the doors of Home Sweet Home.

Who would have guessed this young man who in the beginning was hanging onto life by a thread with machines living his life for him would be where he is now.  His future was as bleak as one could imagine at that point. Little or no emotion would be shown, he no longer communicated with those in his life, the ability to walk was taken away, and a feeding tube was inserted which became his only source for receiving fluids-nutrients-and medication that his body needed to stay alive.

Brandon has made unbelievable progress.  Progress which no one ever imagined would occur. He is now able to eat solid foods by mouth, responds appropriately with emotions, and although he cannot speak - he communicates with us by writing on a dry erase board. Although Brandon still cannot walk, he has an electric wheelchair which he controls on his own taking him to his hearts desire. Although Brandon has made tremendous improvements, there is still so much more life inside of this young man, that hopefully with time and determination he will once again experience. 

We can only hope and pray, that through time and possibly your assistance, we can get this message to the proper people to save Terriís life. FOX news in Kansas City MO (WDAF) did an incredible story on Brandon which they said they would try their hardest to get to Terriís family in Florida since they have reporterís doing live remotes through CNN. I know Terriís time is running out but there is hope.

Mr. Bush, Brandon was also classified as being in a vegetative state with no hope for recovery. As with Terriís family, Brandonís family was given the option of letting Brandon go or possibly take a chance.  His parentís took that chance! A chance with God and Brandonís will power proved that miracles do happen. Terri needs the love and support of her family and she too will have the successfully conquered the impossible.

I am attaching a picture of Brandon as he is today Ė full of life that brings so much happiness to all who have met him. If you would like, we can also send Brandonís medical records where the professional diagnosis from 4 different doctors was that Brandon would most likely live in a vegetative state for the rest of his life.

Please let Brandon be Terriís knight in shining armor. She too still has so much life left to live, so much happiness to give. Please let me know if this is possible.

 Kim Callaway

March 28, 2005


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